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When your current system can no longer meet your specific business requirements, Proactive Data Systems steps in to make things happen and deliver useful custom software solutions.
With our business-centric customized solutions, we develop applications that assist organizations deliver better, timely and personalized service to their clientele.
We strive to build elegant web and desktop applications that closely meet our clients’ business requirements by collaborating with our clients throughout the software development cycle which reduces delivery risk and ensures a good outcome.
At Proactive Data Systems, our goal is to ensure clients enjoy using the software by focusing on simplicity and usability. The relationship and cooperation between our team and our clients is given due recognition. The negotiation process itself is viewed as a means of achieving and maintaining a viable relationship. We believe in putting our main strength of application development and project management to optimum use. Our philosophy promotes recognition of people as the primary drivers of project success coupled with effectiveness and adaptability of our work methods.


Our Location: 4th floor Bishop Magua Center
Ngong road, Nairobi
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 The Proactive Approach


User Experience &Interface Design:

At Proactive Data Systems we believe that websites & software shouldn't be hard to use. However, it's not that easy to take a complex problem and boil it down to a simple solution. Therefore our management identifies the specific nature of the project at hand and then selects the best application development methodology. We design simple, intuitive user experiences that are both functional and beautiful. We never settle for less. That's what makes us unique.


Website& Application Development

We architect, design and implement elaborate websites and scalable web applications in less time with fewer resources. We get things done.
We favor user feedback over heavy process; our approach therefore is to engage the customer in every step of the software development to ensure a most desirable outcome.
Our emphasis is continuous software releases through small iterations.



Business Intelligence:

Often, businesses want to make best use of data sitting in their databases for better decision making, at Proactive, we sit with the client and listen to the kind of analysis/reports they need from their existing database system, study the system and come up an appropriate report either text based or graphical like pie chart, graph chart etc.

Our Work

Since 2008 Proactive Data Systems has built a strong reputation as a trusted software solutions partner and we have deep expertise on Microsoft platforms and open source platforms.

We relish the opportunity to apply our experience and expertise to accelerate your enterprise’s success at every stage of your business growth.
We pride ourselves on delivering projects on time, encouraging collaboration, promoting technical excellence and being continuously adaptable. Our projects use commonly accepted plan-driven software development methods that are flexible according to changing needs during the project cycle.


Some of our work includes the following web and desktop solutions:
  • is a customer service and marketing tool that makes it easy for service oriented businesses to offer proactive, individualized customer experience with no hassle, in helps organizations centrally manage their marketing initiatives on social media platforms
  • WARIS: Water Resource Information System is used by the Water Services Regulatory Board to help regulate the water services sector in Kenya. It’s used to gather and analyze data related to water services from the various water companies in the country.
  • WaSBIT: Water Services Board Investment Tool is a project planning and monitoring software used by the various Water boards in Kenya to plan and monitor water and sewerage investment projects within their jurisdictions.

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